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Get Actionable Insights From Building Data

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Shaw Hergenrather
Get Actionable Insights From Building Data

Increasing commercial HVAC efficiency is a global problem with a surprisingly high-tech solution. Since HVAC operations in large commercial buildings account for nearly 20% of all energy consumed worldwide (and nearly half of the energy in each building), facility managers and power grid engineers alike have a vested interest in increasing energy efficiency and reducing overall energy consumption. 

A Challenging Task

Although unified by a goal, facility managers are faced with a difficult task because there’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. Variables at play include:

  • HVAC system design
  • HVAC components
  • Building design & function
  • Equipment faults
  • Geography and weather conditions
  • Human behavior

The High Tech Solution

The answer to facility engineers’ biggest efficiency challenge comes from a surprising place — the Internet of Things (IoT), which allows a variety of devices, buildings, and sensors to communicate and exchange information. 

Using these myriad real-time data points to identify future probabilities, facility maintenance teams can focus on creating a more efficient system. As we build a library of what each data point means for various building equipment, this efficiency will only grow stronger, and ensure your biggest asset — your building — lasts as long as possible. 

Moreover, since minor changes to these data streams can lead to early identification of a potential problem, in addition to reducing energy costs, we can also reduce repair, maintenance, and replacement costs.

Ready, Set, Reduce ...Consumption

If as a building engineer, you’re ready to take a forward-thinking approach by implementing an analytics system into your HVAC and building systems, Cornet can help. Regardless of your equipment, we can retrofit it with sensors to start establishing a baseline of data so that you can start making inroads to reduce your energy consumption, operational costs, and carbon footprint.

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